This Guy Exposes Celebrities That Rent Exotic Cars

According to his website, Ed Bolian has been described as everything from an outlaw ...

According to his website, Ed Bolian has been described as everything from an outlaw to “mild mannered insane person”, but one doesn’t get such a wide array of terms in his “About me” without living through some pretty awesome situations, and Ed shared a few of those when he sat down with the VINwiki YouTube channel to chat recently.

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With a revelation that really didn’t surprise anybody, Ed reveals that many of the exotic cars you see in movies and music videos are, in fact, rentals cars. Of course if you know anything at all about the music video industry, you know that most anything you see of value on the set of a music video is either fake or rented and is just there for the extra bling factor. That’s not to say that none of the artists could afford to buy these cars – we’re pretty sure Lil Wayne could buy whatever car he wanted at any given time – but some of these rappers and artists were just starting their careers and hadn’t built up the kind of bankroll it takes to roll like Weezy.

There are several quick stories Ed shares in this 9 and a half minute video including encounters with Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane and the late Shawty Lo, and each anecdote is pretty entertaining. He also mentions a couple of minor malfunctions he’s encountered due to colder-than-normal temperatures in Atlanta, where the show goes on even when the temps stay below freezing.

Bolian, who also holds the Cannonball Run coast-to-coast drive record at 28 hours at 50 minutes to drive from Manhattan, NY to Marina, California, started an exotic car rental service at the tender age of 20 while enrolled at Atlanta’s own Georgia Tech. He continues to buy and sell exotic cars in and around Atlanta, and if that ever goes south, he has the perfect voice-over guy voice to fall back on.

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