This Guy Has Some Serious Skills… Cat 319D Tractor Climbing Onto a Rail Car

For an excavator or any other type of heavy equipment for that matter, most of us ...

For an excavator or any other type of heavy equipment for that matter, most of us look at it as nothing more than a means for picking up and moving earth. After you watch this video, though, we almost guarantee that you will never look at one of these machines in the same way ever again… The operator here is incredibly talented and that’s putting it in the most modest way possible as he climbs to new heights quite literally.

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With the precision task at hand that includes lifting up this wild machine under its own power and climbing on top of a rail car, the person beind the controls of this thing has to maneuver it in such a way so that it’s lined up just right so that the whole thing doesn’t end up sliding off of the side and doing some big time damage. When it comes to a soft touch to finesse this otherwise brutal machine into place, this guy has it!

Good luck looking at construction equipment the same way again after feasting your eyes on what this Mavericks of the machine is able to accomplish with his skills behind the sticks. Check out the video below and get a taste of what this operator has to offer. This just goes to show you that if you put your mind to it, you can be good at just about anything you want to put your effort toward.

I would think that after seeing this excavator in action in this way, there are probably a whole collection of other things that it could accomplish with the right person in control. After watching this insane display, what challenges would you like to see done with these seemingly big and clunky machines that prove to have more agility than meets the eye?

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