This guy just built a welding lathe made from an old bicycle

There are lots of excuses that can be made about why someone may or may not have ...

There are lots of excuses that can be made about why someone may or may not have embarked on a journey to start a business or better themselves in some way.

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Let me just tell you one thing from personal experience: If you try to make an excuse in a situation, it probably will work and you won’t find your goal, however, inversely, if you try your hardest to find a way around the obstacles at hand, you will probably find that way as well.

When this welder received a sizable order and couldn’t quite fill it efficiently with the tools on hand, he decided to get creative and make his own tools out of what he had laying around.

Using a couple dollars worth of machinery and hardware along with a scrapped old bicycle, he was able to put together a welding lathe that would make the job at hand a lot easier without spending big bucks to complete a job that he didn’t know if he would be doing ever again.

Check out the video below as some resourcefulness not only shows off a cool tool that could be used in the shop to get the job done, but also shows off an attitude that is resemblant of a winner.

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