This Guy Just Talked Himself Into a DUI, Really?

This Guy Just Talked Himself Into a DUI, Really?1 of 500 limited edition car ...

This Guy Just Talked Himself Into a DUI, Really?

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Drinking and driving under any circumstance probably isn’t a great idea. In fact, it’s probably one of the worst situations that you can put yourself in.

Even though this guy was out and about making bad decisions, he almost got away with it as the police officer detected nothing and was getting ready to let him go.

Instead of simply keeping his mouth shut and maintaining a respectful manner, the detainee decided to start running his mouth, effectively backing himself into a corner.

Instead of being let off with a warning, the driver would instead be detained on suspicions of DUI. While we do agree that he should be disallowed from drinking and driving, two more seconds of respect and he would’ve been in the clear!

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