This guy just won a race while sliding on his roof! FIA GT World Cup 2016!

Laurens Vanthoor pulled off an improbable feat at the FIA GT World Cup by winning the ...

Laurens Vanthoor pulled off an improbable feat at the FIA GT World Cup by winning the very race he crashed out of. Vanthoor was leading the race in his Audi R8 when he was overtaken by the Porsche of Earl Bamber. As the pair entered a high speed right turn, Vanthoor pushed his Audi too far to the inside and upset the cars balance, sending it skidding across the track and into the left retaining wall. The impact sent the nose of the R8 into the air, sending the German exotic flipping onto its roof and skidding down the straightaway. The other racers have to take evasive action to avoid impacting the inverted Audi, which eventually skids to a halt well down the straight.

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After a few tense moments, Vanthoor would climb from the wreckage and walk away, seemingly uninjured in the tumble. In an unlikely turn of events, the crash caused enough damage to the retaining wall to cause the officials to call the race, meaning the scoring would be ended at the end of the lap before the crash. Since Vanthoor was in the lead at the end of that lap, he would be declared the winner of the race, despite being the lone car involved in the crash that ended the event.

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