This Guy Lives in an Airplane and the Interior is Amazing

Bruce Campbell gets it. As he points out in this short interview, commercial ...

Bruce Campbell gets it. As he points out in this short interview, commercial airliners are retired at an average of three per day, but instead of repurposing them, they’re typically stripped of a few reusable components, and the rest of the plane is scrapped. What an astonishing waste, when the fuselage itself could easily be turned into a home, as Bruce has proven.

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Campbell lives modestly within his retired 727, formerly operated by a Greece-based airline, with a futon couch that doubles as his bed, a hand-made shower, and little else in the way of amenities. But even with Bruce’s decision to live more practically, I personally can’t help by see the potential for a very cool bachelor pad, or even a fun pad for a young family. Can you imagine your kids telling their friends they live in an airplane, and it not be their imagination running wild?

Bruce is on the right track with his way of thinking. Perhaps the airlines should look into repurposing their retired fuselages as pre-built homes for those looking for a dwelling that’s way outside the box!

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