This Guy Replaced His Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update

I’ll admit that I am hardly an electrical expert, but it seems to me this guy ...

I’ll admit that I am hardly an electrical expert, but it seems to me this guy may be onto something pretty significant here.

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YouTuber lasersaber has replaced the bulky factory battery in his Scion with a six-pack of capacitors that certainly seem to do the job of cranking the car with zero problem, meaning this could be something that at least pushes advancement in the automotive battery industry. Car batteries, as we all know, are huge, heavy and still manage to let us down at the worst possible times. Could the addition of capacitors to a smaller battery result in more reliable starts, while taking up less space? Maybe new cars could have a capacitor bank that serves as a backup power source in the event of a battery failure, so you could at least drive your car until you can get the battery replaced?

These capacitors are the size of D-Cell batteries, and six of them weigh less than a pound and take up about the same space as a single brick. There is definitely a lesson to be learned here, let’s just hope this video reaches the right people.

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