This Guy Sends It Like a Boss On His Honda 3 Wheeler!

There are two kinds of people in this world. there are those people who exercise ...

There are two kinds of people in this world. there are those people who exercise caution when they approach a situation that could end up being a little bit volatile and there are the people who decide to just send it! I have to admit that I’m probably one of the former as I tend to air on the side of caution. However, watching people on the other side of that coin is a ton of fun as they tend to turn things up a notch and make everything more interesting in life. This time, we check out someone who is all about that “send it” lifestyle as he rolls around on his Honda three wheeler and really pushes it to another level.

After checking out this setup, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that somebody ended up getting injured here as it’s an incredibly sketchy way to do some incredibly sketchy stunt riding. We watch as the guy mounting this three wheeler launches off of a ramp and catching some pretty big air before coming down on another ramp that looks like it’s moments away from falling apart. I guess it’s better him than me because I certainly wouldn’t have been able to make that jump! Hats off to this guy for going out and executing it!

Follow along with the video below the brings you an insanely sketchy three wheeler display that we think you’ve got to see. There is really a reason why they don’t make these things anymore but after seeing the way that this guy is able to whip his around, it kind of makes you wish that they did. Be sure to chime in with what you think of the stunt riding display after you watch the backyard antics that has this crew all fired up.


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