This Heroic Uber Driver Helped Save a Passenger From Suicide

There are times in our lives when we just have a feeling about things, a feeling that ...

There are times in our lives when we just have a feeling about things, a feeling that we might not understand, like a bit of a sixth sense about a person or a situation. I learned a long time ago not to fight my gut when it tells me something, and although I still do from time to time, it’s yet to lead me wrong.

The Uber driver in this video, Florida resident Chad Farmer, was wrapping up a night of driving when he decided to pick up one last passenger. The passenger seemed upbeat, even chipper, as the driver notes when recounting the events of the night. However, Chad noticed the guy’s destination, the center of the dizzyingly tall Sunshine Skyway bridge, was a bit unusual. As they talked, the passenger shared with Farmer that he’d been diagnosed with brain cancer and said the ambulance wouldn’t come to his house, and that he was going to meet them at the center of the bridge instead. Farmer saw right through the ruse, knowing that the bridge has been used by many individuals looking to end their lives.

Quickly working out a plan, Farley diverted to a rest area, dropping the passenger off around other people, hoping that would deter the man from trying to harm himself. The two prayed together and even snapped a selfie before Farmer dropped him off.

He sent that photo to the police immediately and gave them the location where he had been left. The cops rushed to the scene, but were too late to stop him from jumping into the water. They did manage to rescue him from the water and get him to a hospital, where he is in critical condition, but alive. Farmer would find out later from the passenger’s sister that he didn’t have brain cancer, but does battle depression. Hopefully anybody out there watching the has the same type of intuition about a situation and try to do the right thing as well.

Uber Driver Helps Save Suicidal Man

This heroic Uber driver helped save a passenger from suicide

Posted by NowThis on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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