This Is How much Money a Toyota Dealer Offered For a 800hp Supra!

We’ve seen several videos of guys with pretty big YouTube channels taking their ...

We’ve seen several videos of guys with pretty big YouTube channels taking their high-end rides to dealerships to see what kind of silly numbers they’re quoted for them. We’ve seen all kinds of rides being taken to CarMax, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Supras and watched as the owners walked away with laughable quotes, if they were quoted anything at all.

This Supra owner, YouTuber Kevin Mcmullen, decided to take the more direct approach as far as brands go and take his 800 HP single turbo Supra to the Toyota dealership to see if the company that built the car would make him a reasonable offer for it 20 years later.

Kevin had put a private market value on his car of $40-50,000 and had expected the dealership to offer him around half that, something in the $25,000 range. For those who don’t know and who are maybe scratching their heads about these numbers, the Supra is a rare bird in the automotive world, in that even totally stock iterations are worth more two decades after they were bought new than what they were the day they rolled off the dealership lot for the first time. Also relatively unique, the fact that modified version bring considerably more money than those in stock form. If you have ever dumped a ton of money into a car, only to find nobody willing to acknowledge those mods when it came time to sell certainly understand what a big deal that is. That’s not to say that this phenomenon applies to all Supras, nor does it apply to all mods. There’s a certain road map of modification that is known for adding a great deal to the value of the cars, and it’s not uncommon to see the cars bring six figures on the private market.

However, this dealership seems to be in the dark when it comes to that, as their offer was dreadfully low. How low was it? You’ll have to watch the video below and see!

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