This Is The First Flying Car You Can Actually Buy!

Whenever you see another development come out in the world of transportation, you ...

Whenever you see another development come out in the world of transportation, you wonder exactly what’s coming next. Sure, the world we live in today is pretty neat as technology is really evolving at a rapid pace, however, as it’s definitely not a reality that we could’ve seen coming years ago, it really bends the mind, trying figure out exactly what reality is going to look like 10, 20, or even more years in the future. Will we be able to be flying around in a Jetsons-like environment? Will things just be operating on an absurd level of efficiency? I guess only time will tell but as of now, we are definitely seeing the breadcrumbs that could lead to the futuristic norm.

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I think that it goes without saying that some concepts like that of a flying car aren’t directly on the horizon, in terms of being able to use one regularly and have it be mass produced, however, it might not be that long before something like that happens as, in this one, we check out a vehicle released at the Geneva auto show that gives us a little bit of a taste of a vehicle that you can actually buy and drive on the roads before transforming it into a flying machine as it will take you up to 112 mph on both the ground and through the sky.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see the Pal-V Liberty in action as the personal car/aircraft shows us what a new market in traveling might look like. When you can finally buy these things that offer you a range of up to 315 miles, 90 “Pioneer edition” vehicles will be available for a cool $600,000 and if that seems to be a little bit too much, a sport version will later be released for $400,000 in 2019. Just imagine if something like this ever caught on in a widespread fashion, allowing people to head to the skies whenever they needed to get to where ever their destination is.


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