This Is The Most Advanced Turbo Manifold On An RX-7!

YouTuber Rob Dahm is quite possibly the world most popular rotary engine fan, having ...

YouTuber Rob Dahm is quite possibly the world most popular rotary engine fan, having been the man behind several of the most talked-about rotary builds in recent memory, including the notoriously difficult four-rotor build that’s given him fits for quite some time now.

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While he takes a break from the frustration of his four rotor project, Rob is working on another build, this one a three rotor build that features this badass turbo manifold, one of the coolest pieces we’ve ever seen!

The manifold arrived and was immediately ooh’d and ahh’d over by everybody at the shop before Rob began pointing out some of the features of the manifold, which is surprisingly technical to be a bunch of sections of pipes, flanges and bungs welded together.

The first techie pieces Dahm points out are the EGT sensor bungs, of which there are three. One EGT sensor per rotor allows the ECU to track the combustion temperature inside each of the rotors, so if one of them is burning at a higher or lower temperature than the others, it can be tweaked with the tune to keep things happy internally.

There’s another bung near the flange where the turbo bolts up that offers a cool addition to the sensors. This port will house a backpressure sensor to measure how much the exhaust is backing up, since rotary engines don’t like too much backpressure. This will allow the exhaust to be configured in the least estrictive way possible to reduce backpressure and keep the magic Doritos spinning happily inside the engine.

There’s also a look at the flange for the massive 60mm wastegate, which will replace the two 44mm units previously used on this project. All of this in a manifold that also looks amazing thanks to the excellent fabrication skills and gorgeous welds that brought it to life. Look for more on this build from Rob in the near future, hopefully making progress, unlike the poor four rotor build.


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