This is The Most Powerful Fire Truck in The World

Not many would think to look to jet engines to aid in extinguishing, but that is ...

Not many would think to look to jet engines to aid in extinguishing, but that is exactly the combination made to form The Big Wind.

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One part tank, one part jet engine, and totally awesome, this fire fighting rig has been awarded the tiles of “Worlds s most Powerful” fire truck. Designed by a team of Hungarian engineers, the Big Wind began its life as a prototype decontamination using in the event of CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) attack. As those threats have been eliminated, the Big Wind has found a new purpose: extinguishing huge oil rig fires in the middle East.

Once the water is turned on, the massive nozzles unleash a plume of water just off the back of the jef engines, blasting the fire with a huge blast of wind and water. The massive consumption numbers are mind blowing: the Big Wind would suck a typical suburban swimming pool dry in a mere 50 seconds! But the mix of air and water does seem to work very well or its intended purpose, as you can see in this video!


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