This is the worlds fastest mega yacht

In the land of boats, sometimes, tradeoffs need to be made in the name of not ...

In the land of boats, sometimes, tradeoffs need to be made in the name of not draining your entire bank account, but when there seems to be no monetary limits in sight, that isn’t really a problem, now is it?

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When this wealthy gentleman wanted to have it all ways with a boat that was both large at over 130-ft and fast, with the goal at traveling over 50 knots (57 mph), multiple shipyards would turn him down, writing the man off as crazy.

That isn’t where John Staluppi would stop though. When he was turned down time after time, John would write off the unmotivated shipyards and make his own company.

This was when Millenium Super Yachts was born and John would chase down his dreams of creating the perfect vessel to live in luxury… fast luxury.

Check out the video below that shows how “The World is not Enough” has come to fruition with hard work and dedication that would result in a 140-ft boat that could reach speeds of 75 mph.

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