This is The World’s First 1,000 RWHP 2017 Camaro ZL1

Building a 1,000 horsepower street car isn’t exactly newsworthy in this day and age, ...

Building a 1,000 horsepower street car isn’t exactly newsworthy in this day and age, we can admit that. However, having the first of a particular model to cross the four-digit HP threshold is certainly something to make note of, and is often the case, Vengeance Racing has notched it’s belt once again by building the first 2017 ZL1 Camaro to crank out 1,000+ HP to the wheels.

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Starting with a car that comes from GM with 650 horsepower makes it considerably easier to hit that hallowed horsepower ground, especially with the incredible LT4 engine as the platform for the build. Vengeance opted to swap out the factory blower for a centrifugal supercharger, specifically ProCharger’s F-1A-94 unit with an air-to-water intercooler to keep the air chilled as it enters the LME billet intake. From there, a set of Vengeance’s CNC ported heads send as much air as possible into the combustion chamber thanks to a Vengeance Stage II cam, while AlkyControl’s dua nozzle methanol injection system adds some alcohol to the mix.

From there, the spent gasses exit through a set of Kooks stainless long tubes and out the rear of the car through an X-pipe that gives the car a beautiful, snarling exhaust note. All of that is topped off with a custom tune to keep everything happy. Behind the LT4, the optional 10-speed automatic transmission will keep the car in the peak power range as much as possible. There are no track times available yet, but we’d have to imagine with the right wheel and tire combo, this car is going to be lighting up some single-digit quarter mile ET’s once they’ve got the tune down. Regardless of what it runs at the track, the sinister black ZL1 is going to be a monster wherever it goes. With one of the best suspension setups in the world, this car would be insane through some twisty backroads and even more fun on a nice long stretch of desert highway.

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