This is What a $20,000 Nissan GT-R Looks Like

For pretty much every gearhead, there are the cars that we can realistically aspire ...

For pretty much every gearhead, there are the cars that we can realistically aspire to and maybe some that are going to take a little bit longer to get. For a machine like the Nissan GT-R, it’s not necessarily a car that’s impossible to afford for most, but might be one that takes a little bit of saving and some good credit to finally get your hands on. However, for those folks who aren’t quite there yet, you might wonder what it’s like to buy maybe a car with a salvage title or perhaps one that needs a little bit of work. Is the juice really worth the squeeze or should you just wait until you can afford a clean example of a car like this?

Now, in this particular example, it looks more like a YouTube experiment than a money-saving matter, however, this might be something for people who are considering trying to get their hands on a cheap GT-R or another car of the like. In this one, we check out what the owner says he thinks is just about the cheapest GT-R in the country with a winning bid just over $20,000 and, long story short, this thing needs some major work. For most folks, this would probably be a part out candidate but YouTube user, B is for Build, is going to take it on, head on, attempting to bring the car that is nothing short of a rag back to life once again.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll see exactly what $20,000 can buy you in the world of the Nissan GT-R. Sure, this thing might be an eyesore today but, this machine most certainly has some potential in it. As it goes through the paces, we’ll be excited to see if a GT-R this cheap could ever be worth the investment.

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