This is What Bugatti Luxury Looked Like Almost 90 Years Ago

These days, it’s not very hard to get spoiled. With access to technology and ...

These days, it’s not very hard to get spoiled. With access to technology and methods of production getting easier to access, every car manufacturer is getting better at creating a solid automobile.

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This means that luxury has been trickling down to brands that might not have been so luxurious in the past. In the top tier of luxury, though, manufacturers still can stay a little bit ahead of the curve by trying out things that we never thought we would see in cars.

Let’s just say that the gap between a Mercedes-Benz and a Hyundai is a lot less prevalent in 2020, though. Many brands are doubling down on their name equity on a playing field that is becoming more level every day.

To remind us of just how spoiled we are, even with some more inexpensive automobiles, this time, we take a trip back in time. There was a period when some of the most basic features that we know today would have been absolute luxuries. That gap that we were talking about was a lot bigger and you were going to pay for the best stuff.

Things like air-conditioning or a smooth suspension weren’t exactly available across the board. In fact, by today’s standards, offerings from vehicles as recent as 20 years or so ago might not exactly stand up to our lowest expectations of a new car today.

This time, thanks to Jay Leno, we’re able to see exactly how good we’ve got it. In addition, we can really appreciate what the feature car was for its time as he takes on the 1932 Bugatti┬áType 49. By today’s standards, yes, this machine is a little bit rough. However, as Leno insists, it definitely takes the role of a piece of rolling art.

By following along with the video below, we can get a glimpse into a window of time that not many people on Earth got to be a part of. We can also see just how a brand like Bugatti might have retained some of the same principles that they held all the way back in 1932. After checking out the difference between then and now, it only stands to make us wonder what exactly the brand will look like if we fast forward another nine decades or so.

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