This is What it’s Like to Ride in an MTI “UFO” Powerboat With Twin 1350 Mercury Racing Engines!

Just the other day, we shared some pretty awesome footage of this boat catching air ...

Just the other day, we shared some pretty awesome footage of this boat catching air off the wake of a yacht. We didn’t really have a lot of info about the gorgeous “UFO” powerboat, but now we’ve found some great footage of the boat in action and there’s a little more info about the build itself as well.

The boat was built by Marine Technology, Inc and is powered by twin 1300 horsepower Mercury engines. The powerplants are twin turbo and crank out a total of 2,600 horsepower, which push the boat to speeds over 150 on the water. I know I mentioned this in the last article, but going 150 on water is drastically different than going 150 on the highway, so don’t scoff at that number until you’ve shredded the open water at triple digit speeds.

There’s a great walkaround of the UFO before the boat heads out onto the lake, giving us a look at the unique, if a bit odd, paint scheme featuring what appears to be a crocodile skeleton on one side and a barracuda skeleton on the other, both painted to look like they’re made of metal. As the boat slips out of the dock, we get a top-down view of the paint from above and the artwork on the top of the boat is purely badass! We kind of wish they’d used something like that on the sides of the hull too, but it’s not our boat, and therefore not our decision.

Once the 48’ vessel hits the water, we are treated to views from several angles, including a look at the all-digital dash, the engines churning out back, and several views around the boat to try to convey the ridiculous speeds this thing is capable of.

Finally we return to the dock, where our driver slides the badass boat right back into the slip and our video comes to an end. This powerboat is something truly special, and we thank YouTuber Aero Rudd for sharing this footage with us!

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