This is Why Everyone Needs a Dashcam – Someone’s Lying About Blowing the Light!

When it comes right down to it, honesty is an incredibly relaxing thing, not only ...

When it comes right down to it, honesty is an incredibly relaxing thing, not only when you have the honesty of others but also are able to be honest yourself. There’s just something so relieving about the truth that really makes the saying “The truth shall set you free” come to life. However, unfortunately, in the real world, that’s not exactly how things always work out. Many times, if people have an incentive to lie their tails off, they will stick their character aside and take that path down the road of dishonesty.

This time, we check out a pretty sizable lie that was all caught on camera. Honestly, this driver was incredibly lucky that he had the camera rolling, otherwise, there’s no telling what the outcome could’ve been! With one person’s word against another, sometimes, it may be a bit difficult to prove something like this in court, even when the damage looks pretty intense like we see here. There’s really no telling who blew the red light and who didn’t, that is, until you pull up the video evidence of exactly what happened at that moment in time to put in front the judge and have a definite outcome.

If you follow along down in the video below, that very video that provides evidence for this guy’s case is played. After watching this, I think that the situation pretty much speaks for itself and this guy should be safe when it comes time to tell his side the story. However, on the flipside, the lady who is going against his word is going to probably have a little bit of trouble supporting her arguments. We foresee her giving up on the case in the near future or going to court and failing miserably when all the cards are on the table.

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