This KTM SX-E Freeride Electric Motorcycle Test Ride is Hilarious

In this day and age, when it comes to transportation, it seems like electricity is ...

In this day and age, when it comes to transportation, it seems like electricity is competing with combustion in certain circumstances. While we don’t find ourselves anywhere near a fully electric transportation market, there are certainly a lot of electric alternatives popping up for consumers to choose from. It seems like no matter what way you look, there’s some type of electronic advancement that can help you to save money in getting to and from work, however, this time, we take a look at the leisure side of things and how it’s going electric as well!

This time, it’s a none other than a dirt bike built by KTM in the KTM SX-E Freeride Electric Motorcycle that takes combustion away from the bike and gives it an all new source of power. When you hear such a dirt bike fire up, you’re used to that small displacement, high revving engine sound that comes from the platform, however, this time, we see how exactly a couple of guys react when no sound at all comes from the bike. In fact, even in addition to the sound factor, it really seems like these things offer up a pretty different riding experience that might be a lot to get used to.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see how exactly these one-speed motorcycles plow their way through obstacles out in the woods, taking the trails and getting around different formations that prove to make for a fun ride. However, the longer that you watch this one, the stranger the sensation of riding along gets. I’m sure that, If something like this catches on, it wouldn’t be long before we started to get used to the way that electric motorcycles work but for now, it really provides an interesting experience to watch.

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