This Might Be The Best Baby Gender Reveal Yet!

When it comes time to welcome a new baby into this world, one of the exciting times ...

When it comes time to welcome a new baby into this world, one of the exciting times to share with your friends and family is unveiling the baby’s gender. Some people might opt to go a more traditional route but others have seemed to fall in love with the concept of the baby gender reveal. Essentially, in these videos or photos that you have probably seen plenty of times, people will come up with a grand gesture and create a video to let everybody know exactly if the baby is going to be a boy or girl. Sometimes, the reveals can get more over-the-top than others.

In this one, it looks like a Mopar family is the one behind the baby gender revealĀ and that looks like they also have lots of Mopar friends. Mainly, it’s a bunch of Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8s getting in on the fun as they all make a circle around the mom and dad to be, stuffing their exhausts with powder indicating exactly what the gender of the child is going to be. This is when, all at once, they start their engines up and begin to rev, spitting the powder everywhere and creating a giant cloud in either pink or blue, taking the covers off of this exciting bit of information.

Check out the gender reveal down in the video below that does it’s best job of involving all kinds of performance machines into the mix. After watching this one, be sure to tell us where it ranks up there with your favorite gender reveals and if it ends up being at the top or not! Personally, I would venture to rank this one at least in my top five.

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