This Might Be The Most Audibly Pleasing Hillclimb Session Ever

One of the most beautiful things about the world of motorsports is that there are so ...

One of the most beautiful things about the world of motorsports is that there are so many different ways to compete. Whether it’s on the road or off, in a straight line or in a course that consists of a lot of ins and outs, the competitive nature can come out at almost any time. Perhaps, one of our favorite ways to compete would be that of the hill climb. Not only does it combine speed with hard turns and lots of carving through the mountains, but it also makes drivers push themselves to the absolute edge in a way like you won’t see with many other motorsports. Seriously, these cars rip.

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In these climbs are usually vehicles of the incredibly high revving engine variety that like to stay on that rev limiter. This means that you’re going to get a visual pleasure as much as you are going to get audible pleasure. This time, said¬†audible pleasure is certainly in full effect as we follow along with¬†Milan Bubnic and what they’re calling arguably the Fastest Lancia Delta Hillclimb Monster of 2018. When you finally get to hear this thing scream as it pushes air with the turbo on board, you’ll understand exactly what we mean here.

By following along with this insane clip, viewers will be taken along for a joy ride as the crazy machine rockets up quite the challenging course. It feels like, through every corner, the driver is bound to lose it but lo and behold, he pulls some sort of superhuman ability out of his pocket that allows the car to stay put right where it’s supposed to be in the middle of the road. This thrill ride is certainly one that will make the senses go wild and we can all watch it from the best seat in the house!

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