Couple Brings a Sports Bike into a Gender Reveal and we’re Loving it

In this day and age, all over social media, you see all sorts of different gender ...

In this day and age, all over social media, you see all sorts of different gender reveals designed to tell family and friends exactly what the gender of an upcoming baby is going to be. Anticipation certainly builds as everybody is waiting to see if the baby that’s on its way will be a boy or girl. We’re sure that everybody has their guesses but at a certain point, it’s time to stop all of the guessing games and finally figure out what this baby is going to be coming into the world as. In order to do this, folks tend to get incredibly creative in their methods.

Usually, in order to do this sort of gender reveal, people will bring their hobbies and lifelong passions into the mix in order to make things a little bit more interesting and close to home. Therefore, you see a plethora of these reveals coming from not only the car community but also the bike community. This allows people to not only bring their new baby into the world but also bring he or she into the world in a way that involves mom and dad’s passions as they hope that maybe their child will end up following in the footsteps of these ways of life.

Follow along in the video below as, in this one, a little bit of colored powder is stuffed into the exhaust of a motorcycle and pink or blue will determine if it’s a boy or girl once the bike cranks up and starts. It’s not too often that families get to bring a child into the world so situations like this can be pretty exciting. Join in on this family’s excitement by checking out the video down below. This is definitely a gender reveal that motorcycle lovers are going to be able to get behind. After checking this one out, tell us what your favorite gender reveal looks like. Is this it?

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