This Police Vehicle Is Terrifying – It Doubles As A Wall

Sometimes, when you look at something, while it might be innocent and used for good, ...

Sometimes, when you look at something, while it might be innocent and used for good, you can’t help but relate it to other situations that you might’ve seen along the way. The perfect example is this police vehicle that, while we’re sure is only broken out for crowd control when riots happen, looks like something that you’d see in a dystopian future flick. On the surface, it looks like an innocent skid-steer with maybe a unique attachment but once this thing begins to expand, it eventually gets to the size where it’s larger than life as it keeps on growing larger and larger.

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The police have all sorts of tools and depending on the job and the severity of the situation at hand, sometimes, we’re sure that only certain tools will be broken out and we would be left to assume that for something like this to make an appearance, it would have to get pretty bad out there. When you look at the functionality of something like this, given the fact that sheer craziness will probably be afoot when it’s used, it could probably be a piece of machinery that might just be of great utility that could help to keep more people safe in a bad spot.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll see what some of the most extreme in crowd control contraptions looks like and what you might be seeing if you’re the type that tends to be a part of out-of-control situations now and then. In all seriousness, though, hopefully, not too many people ever have to see this bad boy broken out because you know that if it does see the light of day, it’s more likely than not staying out until the job at hand is done and then some!

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