This Redneck Ride On Lawn Mower is Freaking Genius!

It’s not often we share these “Thug Life” videos because most of ...

It’s not often we share these “Thug Life” videos because most of them have what we’ll call “questionable content”. However, this one is pretty much harmless and actually shows just what can happen with a little laziness-fueled creativity and some redneck ingenuity. This guy clearly isn’t a fan of push mowing, and likely doesn’t have the funding for a full-on riding mower, so he does the only logical thing and builds his own hybrid version of a ride-on mower using a bicycle and a push mower.

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It looks like a relatively simple build, most likely the guy just had to modify the forks of the bike to be the same width as the handle of the push mower, then bolt it up and pedal away. We’re assuming he just set the throttle to wide open instead of dealing with that pesky cable, because if you’re gonna be bicycling, you’re probably not really worried too much about letting off the throttle.

We have to admit, we aren’t really sure what he’s going to do when it comes time to turn. You usually have to lean into a turn on a bike, and the mower obviously isn’t going to tilt so that would be interesting to see, but still, this has to help cover more ground on the straight sections, and if his lawn is large enough, that will be where he spends most of his time. We’d need to see a little more footage to know if this is really a good idea, but we definitely can’t fault the guy for coming up with the idea that could easily shave a lot of time off of his yard work! Now if we can just come up with something to trim the hedges and weedeat while we sit on the porch and watch, that would be perfect.

We are living in 2017 while this guy is living in 3017

Posted by Thug Life on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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