This Roaring Jet Car is About to Burn the House Down… Literally!

If you should just so happen to make your way to the drag strip, perhaps, one of the ...

If you should just so happen to make your way to the drag strip, perhaps, one of the most entertaining sideshows that you will be able to see would be that of a jet car creating lots of noise, heat, and eventually, a big head of steam as it blasts down the track with jet propulsion behind it, attempting to make a spectacle out there on the strip. Most of the time, these kinds of rides will do a lot to attract the attention of everybody on the premises and it really seems like they end up being a fan favorite with their performances.

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As somebody who has stood no more than 20 yards behind a jet car when it fired up and got ready to make a pass, I can definitely tell you that it’s not a place that you want to be. As you can imagine, these things crank out some pretty insane heat and standing close enough to see one of the machines definitely a mistake that you’re not going to want to make. In this demonstration, you get to see, firsthand exactly how the heat ends up coming from the back of one of these things as it takes the liberty of burning down a part of the race track as it’s getting ready to rumble.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll check out the scene as this loud and proud machine fires up, but, it just so happens that it’s far too close to a wooden fence and as a result, the fence ends up taking the brunt of the heat, absorbing it to the point where it starts glowing red and probably turns pretty much into ashes. If this display wasn’t intentional, it’s definitely going to serve as a nice little lesson learned the next time that they try to roll one of these things into the area.

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