This Stop Stick Tire Deflation Device is Genius

Law enforcement officers and agencies are constantly working to improve their ...

Law enforcement officers and agencies are constantly working to improve their defenses against criminals, and one such area that they focus on is quickly and effectively ending high speed pursuits and stopping fleeing criminals in a controlled but effective manner.

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The Barracuda by Stop Stick is a great advancement in this area, and thanks to several key innovations, should help officers disable vehicles quickly. The stick features rounded endcaps that ensure it will always land “face up”, meaning the officers can wait until the last possible moment to deploy the device, giving fleeing drivers less time to react and avoid them.

Beneath the protective cover, large hollow spikes wait to puncture the tire, allowing the air to leak out quickly but without blowing out the tire and potentially causing a crash. Once the stick has been used, it can be reloaded and reused instead of being a “one-and-done” device. The Barracuda should certainly come in handy when needed, helping end pursuits as quickly as possible to minimize danger to the public and the officers in pursuit.

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