This Tractor Driver Thinks He is Piloting a Rock Crawler

When it comes down to it, the likes of a farming tractor is able to carry out the job ...

When it comes down to it, the likes of a farming tractor is able to carry out the job that it was intended for. Dollar for dollar, you probably aren’t going to find another machine that can do what this purpose built piece of equipment was designed to do.

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On the other hand, if you were to take this piece of farming equipment and attempt to repurpose it to say, become a rock crawler, you wouldn’t necessarily think that the piece of equipment would strive in such a situation and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The equipment does what it does well and other activities might not work out so well for it… Or will they? This time, catch up with the tractor driver who thinks that his machinery has some special abilities and needs to size to show it all off and capture it on camera.

Ride along with this tractor journey as it dismounts from what appears to be a cultivated crop that has been piled up and it does so with absolute grace. It almost makes you want to take this piece of equipment and try out some trails with it… Or maybe watch somebody else do it instead.

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