This TX2K17 Teaser Will Have You Itching to Get The Racecar Out of The Garage

Every year, in March, the streets of Houston come alive in the event that is ...

Every year, in March, the streets of Houston come alive in the event that is TX2k.┬áChances are that, as a car fanatic, you’ve probably heard of it and, if you haven’t, it’s basically a gathering of all of the baddest street cars from around the country that are raring and ready to beat the streets.

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This time, we get a little teaser for the event coming up in about a week that brings some of the most adrenaline pumping situations to live, hurling cars through the streets at insane speeds and all of that is before you even consider the action that’s rolling down the track!

Check out the teaser below that will get you hyped up and ready for the event if somehow you were managing to keep your cool about it this long. For those couple of days, every car fanatic in Houston gets the chance to be an overgrown kid in a candy store designed for gear headed grown-ups.

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