This Weedeater With a Saw Attached to it Might Be The Sketchiest One yet

If there’s a need for something to be done in an easier and more efficient way, ...

If there’s a need for something to be done in an easier and more efficient way, we have absolute faith that somebody will manage to come up with a means to get it done in the best way possible. When chopping down pesky brush was the task at hand, these guys took to eBay to find a solution.

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Apparently, with a couple of bucks and your own weed eater, you can buy an attachment to saw down the brush but it turns out that the attachment might just be a little bit more aggressive that the user had originally anticipated in the most awesome way possible.

With a couple of turns of the wrench and this handy conversion kit, this weed whacker is transformed from a grass cutting powerhouse to a machine that is set to kill whatever roughage lies in front of it from grass to tree limbs and everything in between. Yes, it is that serious.

Check out the clip down below that shows you the results of combining a weed eater with this neat little conversion kit that will allow you to take your lawn equipment to a whole new extreme. Now this is thinking outside of the box in order to get the job at hand done and then some.

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