WIRED Dude on a Harley Davidson Might Have Sipped On Way Too Many Energy Drinks!

When it comes to having a fun vehicle to go out and toy around with, sometimes, ...

When it comes to having a fun vehicle to go out and toy around with, sometimes, excitement can really come over you when you get a chance to drive that vehicle that you really love. For this YouTuber, that ride just so happens that be a sport bike and in this video, he came across someone else who happened to share that same passion for motorcycles.

When he comes across this other rider at a red light on his way to class, our uploader finds out that perhaps this other rider is just a little bit more excited about being on two wheels than most people that you’ll come across these days. In fact, this guy most definitely goes way overboard and it’s a lot of fun to watch! When the rider on this Harley-Davidson pulls up to the red light with our video uploader, he takes the opportunity to jump up-and-down on the motorcycle, revving that thing to the moon!

I don’t know about you guys but personally I love seeing someone with so much enthusiasm. It really is a good way to brighten up your day and you can see it all unfold down and the video below.

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