This ZXI 1100 Powered Ski Might Be the Loudest Jet Ski We Have Ever Heard!

Whether it’s land, air, or sea, gearheads will take whatever method of ...

Whether it’s land, air, or sea, gearheads will take whatever method of transportation it is that matches with its respective area and make it go fast. This time, we take to the water to see exactly how that is with an old jet ski that has been brought up to speed just a little bit.

With the help of a ZXI 1100cc engine, this old ski was brought from what appears to be the graveyard to a place where it’s an all-out powerhouse, combining a bigger engine from a bigger craft to the small and lightweight skeleton. When all is said and done, it looks like a heck of a ride!

From what we’ve gathered, the engine is rated at around 120 hp and when you’re talking about something that small and lightweight, it really creates a rocket in the water. When it comes to the real life results, this machine is really a heck of a screamer!

Check out the video below that will get you up close with this build process and also take you for a ride as a raring and ready rider hops on board and lays into the throttle with the intent of showing us all that this little ski has got.

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