Thrashing on the Tesla Model 3 on a Real Race Track – But is it Fun!?

Beginning late in 2016, we saw the introduction of a new model of Tesla that promised ...

Beginning late in 2016, we saw the introduction of a new model of Tesla that promised to make the brand more obtainable. With enthusiasts flocking to the pre-existing Tesla Model S, it seemed like there was a hole in the market. The Model S promised and delivered a lot. However, with a price tag that started in the mid-$60,000 range, it’s not hard to see why not everyone could buy one. Therefore, this newer model was created to help folks get into a fully electric car with Tesla technology at a lower price. Obviously, it wouldn’t provide all of the bells and whistles, but you get what you pay for, right?

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While the Model 3 doesn’t exactly deliver all that the luxury version in the Model S does, it certainly has an upside. However, we’re led to wonder if that upside includes performance fun. Performance isn’t necessarily the first thing that someone would think of with a mass-produced electric vehicle. However, we have been pleasantly surprised with higher offerings from the brand. I think it’s safe to say that the Model S has spoiled us. Could the Tesla Model 3 prove to be a fun time on a racetrack as well?

Down in the video below, we hear from The Smoking Tire with their “One Take” series. In this installment, we get to take what is considered the “cheap” Tesla around the track a couple of times. It doesn’t have any performance options or any sort of upgrades. Could it possibly be fun to drive, though?

There’s only one way to answer this question. This means that a Model 3 is going to have to absolutely be thrashed on at the race track. Luckily the stars aligned so we would get to see all that and more. To be honest, we think that our presenter here was a little bit shocked when he found out the answer to his question.

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