Three Guys on One Motorcycle Attempt Fast and Furious SEMI Truck Heist! Ends Badly!

Rolling along the highways without much security, it would seem like big rig trucks ...

Rolling along the highways without much security, it would seem like big rig trucks would commonly be the target of criminals and thieves alike who are looking to get their hands on whatever wares are onboard. However, it’s not often that we see a job like that unfolding on camera like we do here.

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To us, it seems like this crime is inspired by the antics of the original Fast and Furious action movie that came all the way back in the early 2000s and showcased the street racing crew that would go out late at night to try and boost trucks to steal the electronics onboard. If this real life situation wasn’t inspired by the movie, then it’s quite the large coincidence.

Now, that’s not to blame the movie in any way, shape, or form because clearly, if you have ever seen it, you can tell that it’s definitely a fantasy but this time, these guys on a couple of motorcycles bring that fantasy to reality, or at least they try to head out there and give it a shot before failing miserably.

We watch from behind the truck on a conveniently placed security camera as these guys roll up to the rear end of the trailer and the two-man motorcycle crews attempt to cut open the lock on the back of a truck and the person on the back of the bike then hops onto the moving big rig. Moments later, catastrophe unfolds and the bikes go down and leave the other criminal stranded on the back of the truck. What will happen next? I guess that you will have to watch and see.

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