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If you’ve been watching Street Outlaws for more than the past couple of seasons, you ...

If you’ve been watching Street Outlaws for more than the past couple of seasons, you likely remember Daddy Dave driving The Sonoma, a nitrous injected GMC that he took to the number one spot on the list and spent a lot of time there before stepping out of the truck, which he drove for owner Jackie Knox, in favor of building his own ride.

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At the same time, Shawn was hanging right around the top of the list in the Murder Nova, swapping the top spot with Dave a couple of times throughout the show’s earlier seasons. Dave began having with some issues with the truck hurting pistons so he wanted to find a shop with a dyno to get some data and see if he could refine the tuneup to keep the engine from eating itself while the nitrous was on. After discussing the idea with Shawn, Chief brought Dave in to their shop, Midwest Street Cars Automotive for said dyno testing.

As they were going over the truck and getting it ready to make a pull, Drag Week legend and fabricator Jeff Lutz bumped one of the solenoids in the nitrous system and noticed it was a tad loose. This was an obvious concern and further investigating revealed that the nozzles that introduce the nitrous to the engine were actually broken, which was almost certainly the culprit fo the issues plaguing the truck when the nitrous activates.

The guys work to repair and replace everything needed to fix the nitrous setup, then go on with the dyno session. First, Dave makes a pull on motor to see how things look before cranking open the nitrous bottles. The MWSC dyno has the awesome quarter mile pass option, meaning Dave could basically make a pass at the drag strip and get a reasonable look at how the truck should perform on the track. He does so, and puts on one heck of a show as the truck sends nitrous flames a couple of feet out each side when the sprat comes on. This scene is definitely awesome and shows the camaraderie shared between these guys, even when they’re fierce rivals on race nights.

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