Tight Squeeze! Cargo Ship Sailing through Corinth Canal, Awesome!!

When it comes to piloting a massive ship, it definitely comes with its fair share of ...

When it comes to piloting a massive ship, it definitely comes with its fair share of challenges, but when this captain went to work on this particular day, things got just a little bit harder as he was forced to really break out his skills to avoid putting his load in danger.

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This time, we check out a situation that has a cargo ship tucked away in a tight spot, so tight that from where we’re sitting there doesn’t look like there’sĀ even enough room to make it through! It seriously has to take some massive confidence to be able to guide the big mass through the canal.

From a vantage point perched atop this cargo ship, we check out its journey through the Corinth Canal, leaving mere feet on either side to just barely make its way through. It needs to fit like a glove, but at the end of the journey, the captain really made it look easy!


Check out the video below that takes you along on this close journey through the canal! If you consider yourself claustrophobic, this is one that you might want to avoid because calling this situation a tight squeeze would be a massive understatement!

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