Toddler Crashes Pickup Truck Into House!

Toddler Crashes Pickup Truck Into House!* * *Get entered for this 2020 c8 Corvette / ...

Toddler Crashes Pickup Truck Into House!

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Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve officially found out the perfect storm for what insurance is designed to protect you from and the situation gets a little bit peculiar.

When the owner of this Dodge Dakota was unloading his truck, with his two-year-old son sitting in the cab, he was greeted with a gut dropping situation.

When the truck started to roll away, he probably had no idea what to think as his son had put the vehicle in gear. At the end of the little guy’s excursion, the truck plowed into the family’s house, causing just a bit of damage.

Check out the scene below as both the truck and the house suffered a setback. The family says that everyone is alright and accidents happen!

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