Tony Schumacher has a massive explosion in Indy

While drag racing might go down in a straight line, the sport provides plenty of ...

While drag racing might go down in a straight line, the sport provides plenty of twists and turns for both drivers and spectators alike. It’s moments like these when the fans are put on the edge of their seats when something erupts on the racing surface and puts everyone on notice! When you see how quickly everything unfolded and the scope of the incident, you’ll see exactly why it’s so important to put safety measures in place to make sure that nobody gets injured. Moving forward with caution will end up coming out a lot better than reacting to these situations as they happen.

This time, we check out a highlight from NHRA Champion, Tony Schumacher’s, pass that would leave him blindsided with a mishap of spectacular proportions when his car decided that it was no longer about moving forward and, as such, would erupt into a ball of flames, sending parts scattering everywhere! While making his way down the strip, all of a sudden, his car would erupt without as much as a single warning sign to alert him to the coming carnage.

Thankfully, we can report that no injuries would occur thanks to the safety equipment in place via NHRA rules. Check out the insanity in the video below that threw a huge curveball at this racer. You could never be ready for something like this to go down, but the way that you react to it is key. We think that Tony will be moving along just fine but this video is one that’s going to be sticking around and we think that Schumacher will be checking this one out more than just once!

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