Too Much Weight? Truck Loses Wheel on the Highway

If you’ve ever wondered why weight limits for vehicles are in place and ...

If you’ve ever wondered why weight limits for vehicles are in place and mechanically inclined people will stress that it is very important to keep up with the maintenance on your vehicle, this video will show you exactly why as one of these pieces of information comes into play, if not both.

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We ride along on the highway behind a truck that appears to be bearing a pretty big load. Even though this is the case, everything appears to be going quite smoothly right up until the moment that it doesn’t anymore when all hell breaks loose at once.

In this one, we ride along behind the truck as one of the rear wheels breaks away and goes flying, rocketing its way down the highway out of control and bouncing around, leaving the truck driver to try and keep his load under control using nothing more than three wheels.

Having something like that happen to you while underway at highway speeds has to be quite the heart-stopping experience. Luckily, it looks like this guy was able to keep his cool enough to keep the truck in line but this is definitely going to be a story that he will tell over and over again.

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