TOP 5 Best Tools! (Simple Automotive Wiring Repairs)

Wiring and electrical work go hand in hand, and between the two are probably the most ...

Wiring and electrical work go hand in hand, and between the two are probably the most common cause of issues in our cars. Think about how often a short or loose ground or blown fuse is the cause of what we thought was a major issue, when it fact it was a damaged or broken wire or a loose ground. Making wiring repairs is not really all that difficult, though as pointed out during the introduction of this video from Real Tool Reviews, diagnosing the problem is often a much more intensive and time-consuming process, but once you’ve tracked down the issue, making the actual repair isn’t that hard, especially if you have the right tools for the job.

Tying into that thought, this video is actually a Top 5 list of tools to help with wiring jobs, a collection of excellent tools that genuinely help with the process and make sure you can complete the task at hand effectively know that your wiring is up to the task and not going to let you down again. While any job is going to be easier when you have the right tools on hand, wiring presents a unique set of challenges that mean there are a few specialized tools that are only used for wiring, and while they aren’t absolutely necessary, you’re really going to find them mandatory to future wiring jobs after using them the first time.

I’m not going to break down the video, that’s why it’s embedded below, but just know that I’ve personally used each of these tools – perhaps different brands or slightly different designs – and each of these 5 tools will prove invaluable if you have to do just one or two jobs with them. They’re not cheap, but they’re hardly expensive in the real of tool buying, so think of them as a small investment to make sure each time you have an issue in your vehicle’s wiring, you can tackle it without hesitation, knowing you have the tools on hand to get the it done easier, quicker, and more effectively.

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