Top Alcohol Powered ’57 Chevy To Hit The Streets In Drag Week

If you so happen to be a fan of drag racing, there are many ways to put your vehicle ...

If you so happen to be a fan of drag racing, there are many ways to put your vehicle to the test. However, there are very few as strenuous as Drag Week in terms of taking a car that’s designed for the track and using it as an all-around vehicle to travel thousands of miles in between beating on it at tracks along the way. In this way, we get to see what cars can stand up to the challenge of taking the abuse on the track as well as racking up some major mileage in between. This might help to settle the debate of what exactly is a “street car” and what isn’t as you’re forced to turn whatever you’re racing into a sort of daily driver for the week.

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Every year, at Drag Week, we see a couple of new competitors rise to the surface that might not have rather previously been exposed to the community as they’re spread on the internet. When these competitors do come out and get their time in the spotlight, they can be a lot of fun to watch as unique builds rise to the top to grab our attention and show off something new that we might not previously seen before. In turn, because they are competing at Drag Week, there’s a good chance that these vehicles are all around competitors as well, making unique builds all that much more impressive in their well-roundedness.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to watch as this ’57 Chevy, powered by top alcohol is ready to take that journey and make its presence felt around the community as it shows off its wares. We can’t wait to see this thing really get down and dirty as Drag Week concludes later on this week.

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