Touring Famous Los Angeles Area Fast and Furious Spots

If there is one movie that we would argue has been the most influential in terms of ...

If there is one movie that we would argue has been the most influential in terms of the car community, I don’t think that there are very many people who would debate the fact that the Fast and Furious franchise at least has to be in the conversation. When it came out, the timing just seemed very right as the car culture was in quite the space with all sorts of neon lights and body kits to be seen everywhere. This concept paired with the Hollywood rendition would really make for a film that captivated us at the time and it has kept many of us linked ever since.

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Now, some might have been able to watch the movie casually and set it down afterward but it seems like the categories that many of us fall into would be a sort of love affair with the movie, watching it over and over again as we would memorize pretty much every line as the visuals of gaudily modified vehicles were pounded into our heads over and over again. With the popularity of the movie and these sorts of super fans that came about, all sorts of merchandising opportunities would arise and of course, the hordes of traffic that would end up seeking out the hotspots where the film was actually created.

This time, thanks to the likes of Damon Fryer and Daily Driven Exotics, we’re able take a peek at some of the Los Angeles locations from which we remember as they made appearances in the original Fast and Furious movie. With this one fans are certainly about to take a trip down memory lane and it’s one that’s certainly worth it as our guided tour breaks down some of the movie magic and shows us what these locations are really like should fans want to scope them out for themselves.

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