Touring the Rolls-Royce of the Future Designed for the Year 2035

What does the future of cars actually look like?grab your entries to win this 900hp ...

What does the future of cars actually look like?

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With the way that technology is quickly evolving, it’s harder to say with every flip of the calendar page. What we can say, though, is that it’s fun to speculate about how the future is going to look. Only time will tell if any of the speculations is accurate but watching the creativity come to life is a downright blast.

This time, we look at the “Rolls-Royce of the future” built for 2035. The experimental car from Rolls-Royce took a shot at leaping 15 years into the future from the end of 2019. That should place us somewhere around the year 2035. While we can’t even figure out what we’re going to eat for lunch, it looks like Rolls-Royce has managed to get organized on their vision of the future.

The result is rather breathtaking as the Rolls-Royce Vision 103EX comes to life combining elements of the brand’s heritage with their vision of tomorrow. As we’ve come to expect from the brand, the car is based on providing as much luxury as possible but there are also some unexpected twists thrown in the mix.

Everywhere that we look on this guided tour by Supercar Blondie, there is another surprise feature around the corner. The car boasts all sorts of these hidden features considering everything from aerodynamics to “Ultimate luxury.” Sprinkled in the mix, there are even some familiar features that we see on normal Rolls-Royce like the levitating wheel centers to the branded Rolls-Royce umbrellas that can be found in every Rolls.

Inside is where we really see the vision of the future come to life. As it turns out, the brand seems to think that the future of cars will be more of a rolling living room than an automobile. I guess that when we really get this whole self-driving thing figured out, a car doesn’t really even have to be configured like a car at all!

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