Touring the Ultimate $40 Million Hypercar Bat Cave and What he Did to Earn It!

Around the world, there are places tucked away that would be a dream for just about ...

Around the world, there are places tucked away that would be a dream for just about any car fan. No matter what make or model might be your favorite, some of these collections will send our heads spinning. Just thinking about the sheer investment in some of these cars is enough to make even those who aren’t fans of the automobile really stop and stare.

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One of those collections comes from viral YouTube creator, Manny Khoshbin. While Khoshbin has become well-known on YouTube, it would take a crazy YouTube following to put together a collection like his. In fact, we’re told that the collection amounts to $40 million worth of hypercars.

While Khoshbin is big on YouTube now and that’s sure to be yet another revenue stream for him, he put together his billions through real estate investing. As it turns out, he’s a pretty big car fan as well so he has decided to sink that money into some other investments. We say investments here because that’s exactly what these cars are. While we’re sure that he enjoys driving them, most will actually go up in value. That’s something that’s relatively different for most of us car fanatics as we’re used to sending a bunch of money into our cars that we will never see again.

This time, we get to tour his hypercar Batcave as guided by Tj Hunt. The gorgeous garage that is a landmark in and of itself houses even more gorgeous bodies of work. Between the hypercars, we find millions of dollars that cover a variety of different machines that might even be found on the posters that adorn the bedroom walls of children across the world. In other words, these are the machines that dreams are truly made of.

Few will put together the amount of money that it takes to buy just one hypercar but Khoshbin has compiled an entire collection.

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