Tow Truck Driver Escapes Death After Wild Crash All Caught On Dash Cam

If you happen to be a tow truck operator or any sort of personnel that’s ...

If you happen to be a tow truck operator or any sort of personnel that’s required to stop on the side of the highway, you’re at pretty big risk almost all the time. Sure, the odds that someone’s going to end up sliding off of the road and hit you might not be all that high as they would need to have exact perfect timing for them to lose control and smash into you with all of that length of roadway where they could slide off, however, even though the odds are low, it only takes one time for some really bad stuff to happen and you never know when that one time is going to pop up.

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This time, it was just that unlikely situation that would unfold as a tow truck driver would find himself on the side of the road, removing a stranded vehicle, when all of a sudden, the inclement weather would create quite the hazardous situation as a car that was passing by would slide off of the road and into the tow truck, causing some big-time damage.

On scene was also a police officer. Thankfully, all of the parties who were there to witness the impact of the incident were allegedly okay after the collision would unfold. That’s incredibly lucky, if you ask me, because if their backs were turned on the location where the traffic was coming from, this one could’ve definitely ended a lot differently.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly the moment where everything went south in a hurry. After seeing someone like this, you can really appreciate all that these people go through as they engage in some incredibly volatile situations that could have fatal results. Luckily, this wasn’t one of those times!

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