Toyota Prius Pulls Out In Front Of BMW M1… But Who Was Really At Fault?

When it comes to situations in traffic that unfortunately turn into two cars ...

When it comes to situations in traffic that unfortunately turn into two cars colliding into one another, there is always bound to be a debate, well, at least in most cases. If you get behind the wheel, there is no guarantee that anybody is a perfect driver. In fact, I don’t think that anybody is a perfect driver at all times as we all have our moments where we are less than adequate with what we’re doing whether it be because we’ve slipped a little bit above the speed limit and haven’t noticed or perhaps are grabbing for our coffee or the radio and taking our eyes off of the road where the action is for a moment that turns sour.

In many cases, there is a clear-cut outcome but with this video, it is really has been causing quite a controversy. In fact, 4200 comments later, I don’t think that anybody can agree on who caused this accident. In the car community, I feel like people are going to lean more toward the BMW M1 because the Prius tends to be the anti-christ in performance circles. However, there is also an argument for the Toyota Prius here as it pulled out innocently enough into traffic before being rear-ended by the BMW that looked like it was speeding. However, with no proof that the BMW was speeding, the argument leans back towards the Prius being at fault since the driver made an illegal lane change.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see the situation for yourself and make your own judgment. Like we said, social media has pretty much been ablaze with comments going in both directions so after observing this one, be sure to tell us your opinion on how exactly this one is going to end. Does the driver behind the wheel of the Prius have a case for innocence or is the person wheeling the BMW going to run away with this one if it ever does go to traffic court?

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Posted by Mr. Ticket – San Diego Traffic Ticket Lawyer on Sunday, December 31, 2017

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