TrackHawk Soccer Mom Hits Launch Control, Record SETTER! (Stock)

If you’re a Mopar fan, it definitely is a very exciting time to be alive. Over ...

If you’re a Mopar fan, it definitely is a very exciting time to be alive. Over the last couple of years, Dodge has come out with some of its most powerful vehicles that have ever been created, one of which even is able to lay claim to being the most powerful production car to ever have rolled off of an assembly line. However, while the Demon provided the biggest spark out of the Mopar camp, Hellcat-powered vehicles are what we’re looking at down here in the real world as the limited run Demon is going to be a car that’s hard to find and even harder to buy!

One of the exciting machines that maybe flew a little bit under the radar as compared to the more popular cars is that of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Basically, the concept here is to take all of the power that you would expect out of the Hellcat platform and put it in a Jeep that’s equipped with an all-wheel-drive system. The result is incredibly interesting and maybe even a little bit faster than we all had anticipated as this time, we stumble across a factory performing Trackhawk and it’s downright flying down the strip faster than anyone had anticipated.


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Depending on who you ask, it might be better to under promise and over deliver. I’m sure that’s not something that we see all that often as manufacturers like to brag about their numbers in order to sell more units, however, if you take the situation at face value, it would appear as if the vehicle that Jeep promised to be an 11.6-second quarter mile monster, ended up laying down passes in the 11.4-second range in the great air commonly seen at Cecil County Dragway.

BigKleib34 cameras were rolling to catch it all and while it might not seem like that big of a deal, when it comes to the quarter mile, every tenth adds up and ends up being pretty expensive so it’s pretty neat to see performance overwhelming those promised numbers! To add to that, all of the above was done with a half tank of gas! Maybe we could even see a high 11.30 if they ran it down a little bit more. This thing is surely going to be a superstar once the aftermarket grabs hold of it!


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