Madman Installs Tracks on His Tesla, Takes it Off Roading

Back in the day, if someone wanted to watch automotive-related content, they would ...

Back in the day, if someone wanted to watch automotive-related content, they would have to tune into the right television channel. The power of creativity was harnessed by a couple of select individuals. Sure, they might’ve had some good ideas. As we like to say, though, two heads is always better than one. Now multiply those heads by millions and we stumble into what YouTube has created.

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In 2020, pretty much everybody in America has the ability to upload a video to YouTube. This means that mass appeal could potentially even be in your hands. With an interesting idea, one can reach out and touch the masses with nothing more than a cell phone.

Sometimes, these ideas are nothing short of genius. Certain individuals have a way of seeing into the future that really helps to bring new and innovative ideas to life. On the other hand, some of these ideas are pure insanity. Let’s just say that those with wacky ideas have an equally massive audience to play to. Sometimes, it can even be incredibly hard to tell the difference between the two. Let’s just say that the separation is drawn with a fine line.

This time, we catch up with a YouTube user who goes by the name of lowlifeduramaxThis time, though, the star of the show isn’t as his username suggests. In fact, it might be the exact opposite of a Duramax. Instead of a diesel-powered truck, this time, we’re watching a crazy experiment unfold with the help of a Tesla Model 3.

By following along with the video below, we get to watch what happens when a set of tracks is slapped on an electric car. It’s even taken into the snow for an adventurous journey into the abyss.

Win, lose, or draw, we have to admit that we were entertained right from the jump.


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