Trading A Ferrari For His GIRLFRIEND??? ( Social Experiment )

I’m going to do myself – and hopefully our inbox – the favor of dropping a disclaimer ...

I’m going to do myself – and hopefully our inbox – the favor of dropping a disclaimer here about this video: I have a very strong suspicion this is fake. Like so strong I’m willing to say I’m positive that it is. However, I’m a good enough sport that I’ll go ahead and play along with the premise and discuss below my thoughts on what would happen in this sort of reverse-golddigger simulation.

The idea of this video from YouTube sensation Joey Salads is to present a guy with a hell of a quandary: the option to “trade” his girlfriend for a badass ride, in his case a Ferrari 458. Joey parks the car, which is apparently a loaner as we learn at the end, and waits on a couple to approach.  With his prey spotted, Joey hits the guy with the pitch: you can have this Ferrari if you’ll trade me your girlfriend. The guy feigns hesitation, but it’s pretty clear from the beginning that he was more than willing to take the trade, showing that his girlfriend’s love meant less to him than taking possession of an Italian exotic.

His girlfriend inexplicably pleads for his loyalty, but the target shrugs her off and takes the keys, leaving her hanging on the sidewalk with Joey while he tries – and fails – to leave in his new car. It’s then that Salads drops the twist on the boyfriend, revealing that the offer was bogus and he wouldn’t in fact be leaving in the 458. This leaves him with that awkward “What do I do now” look on his face as his girlfriend finds a little bit of solace in the plot twist.

She doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say after the fact, though, and elects to leave with Joey, who offers her a ride in the car to take her mind off the situation, and that’s when we learn that the car isn’t his and he doesn’t even know how to start it.

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