Transform 2WD to AWD, Tire Adds 100 HP To Truck Or Car!

Each and every day, there are innovators who are hot on the heels of coming up with ...

Each and every day, there are innovators who are hot on the heels of coming up with the next big thing for the automotive industry. Sure, these days, new technology is replacing the old quicker than ever and it’s exciting to see what’s going to come up next. Every once in a while, we stumble upon an idea that is nothing short of genius. Heck, it might even promise to start a revolution! However, sometimes, it might be difficult to take these ideas and transplant them into mass production. We can still dabble, though, in seeing with some of these genius concepts are and how exactly they come together.

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This time, we take a look at a wheel design that offers its very own propulsion. The concept that’s known as the Orbis Wheel essentially is a battery powered wheel that has its own motor. It offers plenty of benefits and upside, if you ask the folks behind it.

So, What Does it Do?

Essentially, in a very basic and broken down way of putting it, the wheel takes a stab at reducing the energy needed to move it and reduce friction. Meanwhile, it will also allegedly add strength and remove weight in several different formats including both rotor weight and unsprung weight. While weight might not seem like the biggest deal, it’s arguably one of the biggest enemies of efficiency.

Perhaps, one of the most interesting and exciting parts of this wheel is that it promises to allow a 2-wheel-drive vehicle to become a 4-wheel-drive application. With this change also comes a jump in horsepower, as much as 100 hp with the car shown. In addition, and perhaps even more excitingly, Orbis also promises up to a 40% torque increase. Now, something like this might or might not make its way into mass-produced vehicles. It’ll be interesting to see just how this tech evolves and if it’s something that we see offered up straight from the manufacturer. Perhaps we will see it on the aftermarket in years to come.


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